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We understand that coming for therapy can be daunting especially when you are feeling vulnerable or low and it can take courage and strength to take the first step. We would like to take this opportunity to explain a few things. Hopefully this will ease some anxieties some people may have and help you to feel supported.

Contact us to arrange an appointment
If you have decided this is the right time to contact us either by: telephone, e-mail or text message, you can arrange an appointment for a full assessment with your therapist.

Grey Matters Centre is in Ashby near Scunthorpe, in a very easily reached location. It is situated on local bus routes and there is a bus stop across the road. There is also ample parking for cars near to the building.

Waiting room
There is a waiting room for your convenience, where you are welcome to come into and take a seat.
When it is your appointment time your therapist will greet you and show you into the counselling room. There is a choice of seats and you will be offered a glass of water.

The therapy rooms are all safe, cosy and warm which we feel, assists the therapeutic process.

The first session
The sessions usually last fifty minutes, although this may vary according to the type of therapy you are having, so it gives time for you to talk about your difficulties. Your therapist will explain a little of how you will work together and how your sessions will be confidential.

You will asked questions to explore what has brought you along to counselling, what is happening for you and some of your history.

It will be important for your therapist to know what your aims and goals are so that they know what you are trying to achieve. Hopefully this lets you get to know each other a little and help you decide if you would like to continue to work together.

If this is what you decide to do then you are welcome to arrange further appointments. Usually, this is once a week but you can discuss this if this is not suitable.

The duration of the sessions is usually goal orientated but your therapist will be happy to be guided by your preference.

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