Grey Matters Centre


Room Hire for qualified Psychotherapists and Counsellors in Private Practice and to other professionals who compliment our services.

We have exciting opportunities for passionate and dedicated: Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Coaches or Supervisors who work with: Families, Couples, Adults, Young People or Children to join us at Grey Matters Centre.

We also rent rooms to other professionals who have our mission of excellence and who will enhance our services.

Grey Matters Centre is a lovely safe, secure environment where you gain the benefits of working alongside other professionals in your own Private Practice but also becoming part of our friendly, innovative and highly driven team.

We understand that it is difficult to book the room for the same time each week so booking is flexibly done hourly, weekly or monthly, whatever suits your way of working. The rooms are available for day, evening or weekend appointments.

We have the capacity for small group work, CPD, peer supervision or training.

We have 5 rooms to rent. One is used for children which has a sand tray, dolls house and toys. This room is wheelchair accessible.

We have a fully equipped kitchen which also holds a photocopier and a paper shredder.

There is a waiting room where clients are able to come in and take a seat. When it is their appointment time they can be greeted and welcomed in to their therapy room.

This room has a security door that prohibits access into the rest of the building.

And we have 2 bathrooms.

There are options to advertise on our website and to display your leaflets and business cards within the premises.

You are welcome to have a look at our beautiful rooms and if you feel you would like to apply for a position at Grey Matters Centre please send your C.V. with a covering letter. We are interested in hearing from the correct candidates who have a growth mindset as we intend to continually expand our company in a purposed manner with people who fit within our organisation.
If you strive for excellence and deliver outstanding results for your clients, please get in touch.                        

Room 1  

Equipment: Toys, sand tray, dolls house, crayons, crafts, books, puppets, figures etc.

Client Groups: Children, Young People, Adults or Couples.

Wheelchair access.

Room 2                           

Tastefully decorated

Client Groups: Adults, Couples, Families or Groups of up to 6 people.

Mobility  access.

Room 3                           

Equipment: Filing cabinet, paper, crayons, Russian dolls.

Client Groups: Young People or Adults.

Room 4                           

Equipment: Board games, figures, paper, crayons, Russian dolls.

Client Groups: Young People, Adults, Children, Families or Groups of up to 5 people. 

Room 5                            

Equipment: Figures, paper, crayons.

Client Groups: Young People, Adults, Couples. Families or Groups of up to 5 people.

Reception Room             

We have a reception room where clients are welcome to walk in and take a seat.

This has a security door which prohibits access to the rest of the building.