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In therapy we can look at your ways of relating to others and the dynamics you bring to your relationships. This might be useful if you feel you have a pattern that seems to keep coming up especially if it is detrimental to you. 

Maybe you have relationships but they seem to keep break down or don’t last very long and you don’t know why this keeps happening.

It could be that you seem to be drawn to a certain type of person and that type of person isn’t the one you would actually want to chose as they might not be healthy choice for you. 

For many people it might be an adult relationship that has caused you problems. Perhaps you were hurt so badly that you just can’t let another person in although you really want to meet someone and settle down. 

Of course it’s not all one sided and perhaps it is your relationship person that has some issues. We can help you to understand what is going on and try ways of managing the problems. There is a risk that this work helps you to see that the relationship isn’t for you anymore. 

Sometimes people need help to leave a relationship and they can’t bare to let go even though they know it has run its course.

Not only do we work with romantic relationships we an also help you with family members, friends etc. 

Some relationship issues may include

  • Growing apart
  • Different communication styles
  • Money issues
  • Bored
  • Affairs
  • Insecurity
  • Co-dependency
  • Controlling behaviours
  • Children
  • Sex
  • Feeling abandoned
  • Jealousy
  • Not able to show feelings

How we can help
Our team of therapists will help you overcome your problems. We will tailor the treatment to your individual needs which may include understanding the root causes of your problems and what is keeping them going. We will help you with any other areas of your life that are affected by your issues and we will teach you tools and resources for the future so you can enjoy a full and lasting recovery and lead your life the way you want to.

Relationship issues can indicate trauma in a person’s history which indicates deeper work is needed to address the underlying causes. Being trauma informed means that if this is the case we can get down to the root cause so that you can heal and finally move forward.

Criteria to access this service

  • If you are struggling with your relationship/s and you would like to work on making the changes you want
  • We work with any relationship; married, partnership, romantic, family, friends etc 

We do not work with

  • Current domestic violence
  • Current narcissistic Abuse
  • Any ongoing court cases
  • Perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Anyone who has to seek help that is mandatory
Domestic violence is illegal and we take an ethical stance that abuse is unacceptable.

Our privilege
It is our mission and our privilege to support you on your journey to recovery and to reach your goals. We are confident that together we can make a difference to your world and help you to live your life the way you want to live it. Imagine what your life would be like after therapy and the difference it would make to you. 

We help hundreds of people every year to be the best they can be. Please don’t suffer unnecessarily any longer, get in touch with us today and take the first step to make great things happen!

Telephone 07907613600

If you would like help with a domestic violent relationship please contact;

The Police 101 or 999

The Blue Door, DN15 6LJ
Telephone (01724) 841 947 or Helpline 0800 197 47 87