Grey Matters Centre


Hello and welcome

My name is Louise Fenton and I am the owner and founder of Grey Matters Centre. I am 54 years old and a mum to two grown up children, I also have 3 stepchildren, 5 grandchildren and two dogs.

I have spent a big portion of my life so far committed to working with people with mental health issues. This has gone from passion, obsession and hobby, to student and working professional.

I am from Scunthorpe and I am an experienced and qualified BACP Accredited Therapist and also an EMDR Therapist. I work with adults who want to make a difference to their lives, improve their self confidence, some who have relationship issues or those who suffer with emotional issues.

I have worked and gained experience in many areas of mental health and I specialise in working with Sexual Abuse and the impact it leaves behind. I regularly work with OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociative Disorders and Anorexia Nervosa.  

Where my journey began
There was a time in my life I went through a challenging time and I needed help. I tried everywhere but couldn’t find the support I needed, a very frightening and lonely place to be. I ended up in the library trying to find the answers in books. 

The books helped but I needed more. This lead me on to education and that is where I am today, well over a decade later, with a passion and dedication for working with trauma.

Nowhere to go
When I needed help and a place to turn I found it very frightening and lonely, I can still remember what that felt like! This has lead me on to being dedicated to open Grey Matters Centre, a place for people to go when they need help and support. 

Grey Matters Centre was born 
When I first qualified I saw clients from home which worked well to begin with. But as I got busy I found it quite difficult with dogs and kids in the house so I took a leap of faith, quit my job and opened Grey Matters Centre. It was a ground floor flat which compromised of 2 therapy rooms and I started seeing clients from there.

Business started booming and other excellent therapists came to join me. Soon the two therapy rooms weren’t enough so I took over the upstairs flat too and knocked the building into one. Grey Matters Centre currently has 5 therapy rooms. How fabulous is that!

It has been challenging because the building wasn’t in the best repair and I have had to renovate which has taken me 5 years to complete. I’ve had to damp course, plaster, knock chimneys out, new floors etc, it has seemed endless at times. But I am about there, I had a purpose which has kept me going and the place is looking great!

Now is the beginning of the growth of Grey Matters Centre. We are continually sourcing the best, most up-to-date training, education and research and we have plans. Please watch this space because we are going to make it happen!

If anyone would like to enquire about booking any sessions with me then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I look forward to getting to know you all.