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Disordered eating or any description

Disordered eating can vary in many differing ways. The way it does present could include: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, EDNOS, phobia of a type of food, foods touching each other, the ability to swallow certain foods, feeling sick so cannot eat etc.  

Eating disorders are not necessarily just about food, body shape or size. usually it is a symptom of other complex and underlying emotional issues, so to gain the best possible outcome we use a number of evidence based approaches to address the unique needs of every client. 

You do not have to be a certain weight or size to have an eating disorder.

1 in every 4 people diagnosed with anorexia nervosa is a male. We work with both men and women at Grey Matters Centre and we are helping hundreds of people each year with amazing results.

Some symptoms may include

  • Compulsively thinking about your weight and your body
  • Over eating, under eating, binging or starving
  • Using laxatives
  • Poor health/teeth
  • Compulsively exercising
  • Eating rituals
  • Food rituals
  • Obsessing about meal preparations
  • Safety behaviours around food
  • Fear of food/control around food
  • Relationship difficulties/withdrawal
  • Mood swings/anxiety/depression
  • Dizzy/fainting
  • Cold
  • Tired
  • Sleep problems
  • Confusion
  • No periods
  • Being over or underweight
  • Feeling worthless/not good enough etc
  • Feeling guilt/distress/disgust

How we can help
We offer an initial assessment which is an hour long, Within this in-depth discussion we will ask you about your presenting issues, your childhood and any other relevant history.

We will also be asking you of the areas you want to work on and any goals you may have.

The treatment plan is tailored to each clients individual needs. which may include understanding the root causes of your problems and what is keeping them going. 

We will work on any triggers you may have and help you with any other areas of your life that are affected by your issues.

We will teach you tools and resources for the future so you can establish a full and lasting, sustainable recovery.

Criteria for this service

  • If you think there is a problem with your eating habits, whatever they may be, and you would like to do the work to make the changes you want.
  • If you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder If you have come out of an eating disorder facility.
  • You do not need a referral from your G.P.

What is NOT provided within this service:

  • There is no weighing
  • There is no nutrition advice
  • There is no meal planning
  • There is no focus on body weight or food.

If you need to be monitored for medical reasons or need help with your meal plans or nutrition please see your G.P or a dietician as this is not included in our service. 

Our privilege
It is our mission and our privilege to support you on your journey to recovery and to reach your goals. We are confident that together we can make a difference to your world and help you to live your life the way you want to live it. Imagine what your life would be like after therapy and the difference it would make to you. 

We help hundreds of people every year to be the best they can be. Please don’t suffer unnecessarily any longer, get in touch with us today and take the first step to make great things happen!

Eating disorders are treatable and recovery is possible.

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