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Children’s sessions are weekly and last up to 50 minutes long. They are age appropriate and tailored to the child’s individual needs on a one-to-one basis.

Approximately 3 children in any classroom have mental health problems and they risk taking these issues with them into later life, if they do not receive the support and help they need. Children, like adults, benefit from therapy. They may need specialized help to overcome difficulties during the growing up process. At Grey Matters Centre we offer various therapeutic approaches such as: psychotherapy counselling and play therapy.

Children do not communicate the same way adults do as they do not have the verbal maturity. Children communicate through play and to “play out” their experiences and feelings is the most natural process in which children can engage. 

Play has consistently been proven neurologically to promote a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and language development. When play is combined with professional and emotional support it enables the child to safely explore and learn more about their thoughts and feelings and to educate and encourage positive coping strategies. It is a process that can help a child to better understand “muddles” and upsetting feelings and events.

Here at Grey Matters Centre, we believe it is crucial to understand behaviour is an expression of trauma rather than naughtiness. Their feelings are often expressed via difficult behaviour, which can be a struggle, not just for the child, but can be overwhelming for families, school and friends. Additionally they may display behaviours they cannot control, and they don’t fully understand themselves. This can be an anxious time for those around them.

We support and understand that overall the relationship between the primary care giver and the child is considered the strongest factor in resilience, well being and mental health in children.

We work with children across a range of issues and will not turn you away because your child does not fit certain criteria. 

We do not have long waiting lists.

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