Grey Matters Centre


I chose our brand colours because they and holistic and healing. This suited our service.

As we know emotions are very powerful and just like words colours bring forward emotions. So, I felt it was very important to use colours for our branding that represented our passion and our mission in our work.

For example, we tend to link yellow with sunshine and happiness, and blood red with danger.

Our colours are turquoise, white and grey.

I chose our turquoise colour because I wanted a mix of the two colours green and blue:

The blue part of it represents: tranquility, trust, openness

The green part of it represents:  stability, prosperity, growth and connection to nature

The white part of it represents: cleanliness, virtue, health and simplicity

The grey part of it represents: subdued, classic, serious and mature and we felt we had to use it as it is part of our name.